Our Summer 2012 Travel Itinerary

I can’ wait for February. We are officially lifting our travel hiatus that went on for like forever. And we’ll start it with a triple bang.
Now it doesn’t mean we already have a clear itinerary. In fact, I haven’t started with anything yet. (he! he!) I just know we’ll fly to the SMILES, then visit the LOVE, then experience the BREEZE, and sail back here.It could be in that order or the other way around. No, don’t get carried away. It’s not the international trip I’ve been praying for, at least, not yet. It’s still going to be local. We’re undecided yet if we would bring our daughter. Although we REALLY want to, I don’t think it’s going to be convenient with three places in mind and the long boat and bus rides the trip entails. I don’t care if it’s gonna cost us a fortune, we badly need this vacation. We’ve been going through alot lately and we, I, need a break from all these drama.
Now come, March, my birthday month, I’ve been planning to treat the entire family to a resort in Laiya or maybe San Juan, Batangas. I hope mom comes with us. I hope my mom-in-law comes with us. I  hope it’s going to be something everyone enjoys. I hope it’s going to be that something that eventually binds us all.
Now, if it’s going to be the same case as we are in now, then I’d prolly bring my mag-ina to Baguio, again. It’ll be Saab’s first time, and I’m sure she’s gonna enjoy just as well.
Come mid-April, I intend on bringing my wife to one of the most elusive beaches here in the country. It has been dubbed as the next tourist destination to watch out for. Though I heard it’s quite a challenge going there, I’m sure we’ll be able to overcome it. Think Kwebang Lampas and the trouble we had to go thru just to reach that. I think it’s safe to say everything else is conquer-able. 🙂

I intend on making summer of 2012 LEGENDARY and so far, with these plans in mind,  I think I’m in good shape. Last year was great. But this year’s definitely going to be better, way better. )


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