I’ve thought about this a hundred times before I decided if I should post this or not. Being the conservative person that I am, I am normally repulsive to showing skin and a few  sexual indirect expression of emotions. Moreso to my wife, that I am all too protective with.. But then, it would be a shame not to share this beautiful creation to the rest of the worldwide web population. ;p


This is the BEST photo I’ve taken of her, so far. It was one gloomy afternoon when we just decided, out of nowhere, maybe out of boredom, that I take pictures of her. She used to do photography and modelling alot and since becoming an us, I haven’t had the chance to witness her do her craft firsthand. So for that day, I was her Raymund Isaac. She was my Tweety De Leon.
This photo, though revealing, isn’t one bit malicious. It’s artistic.It’s classy. It’s sexy smexy. I took this using an entry-level, point-and-shoot Samsung digital camera, that has been loyal to me for two years now. 🙂 It ain’t too high end, not too fancy with features here and there, but it surely serves its purpose. I’ve had many other stunning photos shot by this camera in the past but I think this just sets the standard with which all other photos should be compared.
I think it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning of more beautiful and mesmerizing photos coming your way, my dear readers. So watch out. 🙂

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