Theme Fetish!

I can’t seem to get enough of blog layouts.

As you may have noticed, I transitioned from renewing my blog theme almost every week to every month. And when 2011 closed, I thought, maybe my blog needs a total haul. You know the classic “new year, new look.”

I want to get rid of gadgets just ’cause I like my blog clean and clutter-free. Yeah I’m like that and so much more. So I tried experimenting many different types of layouts and themes and I came up with this. Lame-ass retro punk. My wife says it’s bursting with colors – which pretty much means it looks gay ha! ha!

I don’t know but I seem to have this fetish over making my blog fresh and new whenever I open it. I’m kinda set with this though. It’s simple. Not too overwhelming. And kinda redirects my reader on the things in the middle – my posts. Serves its purpose.

And yeah, I’ll change it again in a few, as expected. 🙂


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