Let’s Get It Goin’!

Okay. So how lame am I to have just blogged today when it has been exactly 14 days since New Years’?
I was excited to be thinking about my new year’s post – my resolutions, my to-do’s and my wishful thinking’s but I almost forgot how sucky my work schedule is for the first quarter. Thursdays to Mondays. Seriously, no weekend?! So how about family Sundays? Saturday movies? Sunday dramas? Saturday couch sessions? Sunday internet brouhaha’s?
That’s the reason why I haven’t blogged as much as I would have wanted these past few days. I’m still in the adjustment phase with my new schedule and all. I do have my offs, two days of ’em, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays don’t feel blog-conducive as much as Saturdays and Sundays are. It’s not like I have much of a choice here, right? Oh well, I can always take leaves. And offsets. So , yeah.
Anyway, I’ve been thinking alot of what my resolutions would be for 2012. We’re gonna party like it’s the end of the world as that Jay Sean song says. I’ll sure make the most out of this year. I’ll make sure that when the time comes that I’ll be closing it, I’d say “Congratulations, dude! This was one freakin’, awesome hell of a ride you did, and it was all worth it!”
This is my primary goal for the year – to backpack and visit at least one foreign land outside of the Philippines. It’s prolly gonna be Asian and I can’t wait for it. Local airlines offer year-round sales to destinations as Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and now that I am again, credit-equipped, I’ll make sure I get to avail at least one of these. After that, oh well, I’m kind of skilled when it comes to finding the best (and you said it right, cheapest) deals out there so that’s going to be absolutely easy-breezy.
Wow. Think Phuket. Marina Bay and the Merlion. Asian Disneyland. Wow.
Pretty please, at least one.
This has been 3 years in the making. Seriously, will I ever get to do this? Even I myself doubt it, well at times. But effin’ NO! No. No. No.
I am in my heaviest right now. I haven’t been this fat (for lack of a better term), EVER. I really, and I mean REALLY need to hit the gym REAL soon. Golds, Slimmers’, FF, the local sweaty, filthy, rusty iron-clad gym? Wherever! I need to get myself up and really motivate myself into getting fit.
Oh Zeus – I need your intercession on this!
All I’ve ever wanted is to be free from that BIG C – for credit, yes (LOL). I just want to enjoy my vacations not thinking of when my next payment would be, interest rates, amounts due and the likes. I just want to break free from all of that. I want 2012 to scream of financial liberty and debt abandonment (such heavy words, best of luck, pal!)
Ah I love new years. Yes, you get heavy, you get stuffed with all the food and all the merrymaking, but new years will always be coupled with hope. Hope that things get better. Hope that we all get wiser. I wish everyone the best of luck, that they accomplish whatever their hearts desire. 2012 is here and we’ve got to get it going, ayt? 🙂

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