The Sweet Couple Reaches 2.

Instagram: Burgos, Ilocos Norte


December 31 will always be special to me, not just because it’s New Year’s Eve. It’s special because it’ll always remind me that we all have 2nd, 3rd chances at love, that it only gets better everytime, that the proverbial “the best is in store for you” does make sense and that when you get that “best”, you”ll never be the same again.

I first met Tin when I was just transferred to the dayshift program to take my chances on a  supervisory opening.. Being from the graveyard team, I don’t know a whole lot of agents from our day counterpart, but since I was QE, I didn’t care. I monitored everyone I stumbled upon making calls, I scolded when I deemed it necessary, I gave praises to those I think did a good job.
I remember monitoring one of her completed surveys on a medical insurance job. She was good, alright, but she seemed disoriented. Like she wasn’t listening. She didn’t acknowledged responses, she just seemed to want to get things done and over with. If there’s anything I don’t like on agents, that’s lack of empathy. I was frustrated. More of on the verge of an outburst. It seems kinda unfair for me that for someone with so much potential, she would show an attitude not fit for customer service.
Our monitoring metrics was then E, M and B. Exceeded Expectations, Meets Expectations and I bet you know the last one: Below. Yes. I was so decided on giving her a B. Last minute decision, I had her at M and decided I’d give her a lengthy sermon.
When she sat for coaching, I can still remember that red overcoat she wore. And that maroon ID on her neck. UP – ugh, can it not get any worse? Here we go – the UP syndrome. Then, she flashed that sweet smile and addressed me “TL”.
And yeah, I think the coaching went okay. We smiled here and there, chuckled word after word, agreed on what’s to be done.
It ain’t too obvious I forgot a whole lot of detail after she sat. Maybe the smile. Maybe the letters “TL”. Maybe just fascination. Maybe ’cause she’s sweet. Or  maybe because she’s articulate. Or maybe just ’cause we  were “swak”.
Maybe it was too early to realize, but that was the start of forever. And indeed it was. Looking back, I’m happy I gave her an M. She might’ve gotten upset had she received a B and we would not have started as good as we did. Call it chance. Call it luck. I call it fate. I call it destiny.
Two years have gone by and we still are the sweet lot we first were. I think that’s our identity. The sweet couple. The couple who doesn’t care one bit that we profess our love for each other on a daily basis on social networking sites. A couple who values that tradition of posting sweet nothings on each other’s Facebook wall on special occasions as valentines (remember the TV patrol feature that shocked all of us), anniversaries/monthsaries, even legal holidays as Christmas and New Years (ha! ha!). Life is short. I’t s just important for us to know how significant one to the other is.
Today, I vow eternal sweetness, ageless affection, perpetual kindness, perennial care to the one and the only love of my life. I love you in words undefined, you know that, and I look forward to many more anniversaries to come.

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