Thank You 2011

Before 2011 closes, I want to take this opportunity to thank the year for a number of realizations:
Though financially challenging, 2011 saw us overcome major money issues and struggles. Oh well, money just keeps on rockim’ and rollin’ anyway so what the hell right? I’m sure moolah’s  just gonna be around the corner waiting to be ravaged, only needs some diligent hands for a start. ;p
Though we went on travel hiatus the middle of the year, I am thankful we got to go to three different beaches this year. Far north in Zambales, down south in Quezon province and even south-er in Puerto Galera, Mindoro. We also explored Majayjay Falls last February which was very, very cool. I am hopeful we can lift this hiatus by January or February of 2012 and explore more beaches. Perhaps, the more popular, white-sand eh?
We were able to surpass all of Saab’s first milestones and did them quite overwhelmingly this 2011. Also, she is now a part to the Christian world (with two ceremonies to boot!). We are so happy with everything she’s accomplished and because of that  we’ll complete her My First Year photo frame very, very soon. Don’t worry dear readers, I’ll share it with all of you too. 😀
Work-wise, my team did a so-so job. Although I wish they could’ve performed better for us to, perhaps win one (isa na lang yan team oh) BOB, I couldn’t ask for a better team that’ll understand my lapses and my shortcomings. Maybe the Warlocks will make bawi  next year, although when it comes to attrition, I doubt it. I already have two (maybe three?) resignation letters left on my table waiting to be signed. Oh well, that’s worklife – some of them come, some of them go. Oh and me too! I almost (almost, being the operative word) let my job slip away. Thanks 2011 – by sheer dumb luck, I still have it! I wonder what’s 2012 in store for me career-wise? Now that’s something interesting waiting to unfold. 🙂
Love and Relationships – I don’t think I should elaborate further. My entire blog is enough proof that I am at my happiest now. I couldn’t thank God enough for giving me a loving and an enduring wife. I only wish my relationship with my mom and aunt gets better. I’ve been on a cold war (sort of) with them for some time now and I hope it ends real soon.
So 2011 – thank you. Thanks for the lessons learned, for the bridges I didn’t burn, for Saab’s quick and outstanding developments, and for a love that will last a lifetime.
On to a legendary 2012!  😀

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Faye Garcia says:

    Indeed, on to a legendary 2012! Woot! God bless you and your family, boss Bien! :)Lagay ka lucky cat sa bahay mo "pala pasok swelte". Lagay ka "pulo bilok taas table mo -dakdak swelte o ye round". 🙂 (peace!)

  2. BienAdosto says:

    thank you faye!!! at thank you sa fake na pagcha chinese mo hehehe

  3. Hogi says:

    I was about to comment, tapos nabasa ko comment ni Faye. I had to read her Chinese out loud, hahaha!Pero yes, onward to 2012! Cheers to you, Tin, Saab and the rest of your loved ones, Bien!(And ayan, I linked my mirror blog para you can comment na rin there, hehehe.)

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