To The Sweetest Girl Ever

Very busy December. And we are about to close it.
Hold on, though. Not until I greet my sweetest wife the happiest birthday. 😀
My wife is the sweetest girl ever. Nope, not exaggerating. Not using even the slightest hyperbole. She is straightforward, but very discerning. Very opinionated, but very appreciative too. She may be reactive at times, but very receptive of people’s differences. She is very sensitive, but when she cries, it’s absolute that it’s for good reason and somebody else’s feelings are at stake. I’m very happy  I married her – because no other person can understand the whiplash of my moods, the indifference of my attitude and how indefinite and inconsistent a few of my decisions can sometimes be.
My love – on your 25th birthday, I pray that we continue making beautiful, lasting and blasting and awesome memories.
To The Sweetest Girl Ever
You are now my reason for living. You remind me everyday how love, in its simplest, most basic form can be a source of everyday inspiration. Everyday when I wake up, you revive in me that feeling of Christmas morn – hopeful, positive, loving and affectionate – that everything will turn out right.
I want you to enjoy this special day – amidst imperfections and the missing pieces. Things will never be perfect but with a perfect wife like you, I could not ask for more.

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