Thought Questions: On Never Getting Tired of Doing Something

Thought Questions: On Never Getting Tired of Doing Something

                      — That is to take care of my two cute kids: Saab and Ccino


These two don’t fail to make me happy in an instant. I may go home tired and exhausted from work, but the moment Ccino salubongs me and Saab calls me out “Papa!”, I would feel energized and fueled to play with them right away. I would immediately kalong Saab while Ccino clings to my leg. Priceless – I tell you.
At night, when we’re not too tired to look after her, we would ask Saab’s sitter to have her sleep in our room, in the middle of us, Tin and I. And then we would fetch Ccino from the sala when we are to sleep na and he would position himself just below our legs, in front of the electric fan. He has very thick fur so he easily feels hot and flushed. Only a fan in front of him could make him feel comfortable!
This is what I’ve always prayed for – a happy family and a blissful life. I can only imagine when that time comes when we will have the son we’re hoping for (in 5 years, Gawd!) and when Ccino bears sons and daughters. How much of a riot would that be? Still, definitely something to look forward to. 🙂

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