Smart. Casual.



It’s that once a year event that I go smart and casual. I  am the jeans-and-sneakers guy. I don’t feel comfortable in a tie and in long sleeved polos and slacks. But voila.
It was kind of a cool change actually. I could even go like this more often. I must say it suits  me. Maybe ‘coz I’m serious and businesslike, all that sh*t. Perhaps, I just need to go visit a salon and find a hair that really matches my style. Also, a regular visit to the gym can minimize that swollen region right in the middle. Ah, it really is expensive to go sleek and fab.
Wifey was in the zone, though. That dress, which I bought as a Christmas gift and nearly cost me a fortune, fits her well. She was hot and sexy by every definition. I could care less buying those expensive dresses when I have Bar Rafaeli to dress up (winks).
Smart. Casual.
 Maybe next year, I wouldn’t bother attending CEAA’s party. I’ll just attend the company wide party. It’s a nice change to somehow look sharp and current in a lifestyle that only sees jeans and shirts as staples.

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