A Father’s Birthday Wishes

Isabelle reaching one year had me a little worried. I may sound like I’m overreacting but that feeling where you feel like your little girl slowly detaches herself from depending on you kind of scares me. She now runs like she wants to explore her small-but-wondrous world. She walks like she mans her tiny, little space. She talks like she  can rule her niche the best way she knows.
I want my little one to always feel like she needs me. I want me to be the only one that’ll make her feel secure whenever I hold her in my arms. I want to be the only man who wipes her tears away. I want her to feel that I am the only man she’ll ever need and no one else.
But that’s not that way things are. Kids grow up. Kids meet their first year, their second, their third…and so on. Parents – they just guide. They mentor. They support. They hold on. They appreciate. They care. They love.
I think our children’s birthdays are reminders to that. That a parent needs to spend as much time as they can with their children. Because all of us are at a ticking clock here. All of us have deadlines. All of us have timelines. Sooner or later, our time is up. And we have to give in to what fate and destiny dictate our children’s lives.
Isabelle, I know you don’t understand this yet. Maybe someday you’ll get to read this and all of the other posts Papa made in the the past. There isn’t a single moment that I cared less for your well-being. There isn’t a day that I didn’t wish you will have all that your heart desires. There isn’t a single minute that  didn’t pray that you be safe, happy and always at your best. Papa loves you so much and Papa vows to be the best for you as much as Papa considers you to him.I love you, my daughter and happy 1st birthday. 🙂

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