I really wanted to become a singer. 
I used to dream of joining ASAPs Star in a Million. Then I thought it was a little too early back then. I thought I would be no match to those veteran contenders of barangay singing contests. Then I thought it would be cool to join Search for a Star in a Million. Erik Santos made it. OJ Mariano is now a popular guy in the theatre scene. Frenchie Dy guests in several TV shows on a daily basis. Maybe I might be the next big thing. Maybe I could be the next household name. But then again, I won’t.
I’ve been a fan of singing contests since time immemorial. If American Idol was a little wee closer and Pinoy Idol is actually produced by Channel 2, I could have been a part of it. But then I don’t think so. I just don’t have the guts. I’m too ashamed. I’m super embarrassed. Maybe I’m not cut for that. Or am I a little too amateur for that. IDK.
So now, I’m 28 and my dream of becoming the next balladeer has slowly gone to oblivion. I thought maybe I’d take my last chance on Pinoy X-Factor. Then I found out auditions are already done and over with. I wasn’t even aware it already started. Damn. But, I can be Josh you know, and be an over-30 contender, but what gives? Seriously?
I used to dream of becoming a world-renowned blogger.
I thought maybe a personal blog can be of curiosity. My day-to-day activities sure spur  interest. But then love stories, work rants and my 2 cents intertwine in no firm fashion my blog spells lack of identity. I seriously cannot win under the Sports blog category. My blog ain’t too stylish to be categorically in line with Fashion and the Arts. I don’t even know how to cook. I don’t recognize parsely enough to be nominated under the Foodie blog groupie.
Commercial: Which reminds me, I kinda want something like that introductory video of Erwan Heusaffs’s The Fat Kid Inside. Can anyone teach me how to make one of those?
So what is the Nice Guy Syndrome? Just one of those ordinary ones wanting a space in the world wide web but bears no significance and weight in the eyes of the blog-judging twinkle town internet population? Why am I here for? What duty do I perform?  Do I inspire? Do I urge?
And yet again, you’ve succumbed to my frustrations.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hogi says:

    Singer, huh? Masaya ka sigurong kasama sa videoke, hahaha. =)

  2. BienAdosto says:

    actually oo. go tayo minsan. with tin, julie, sam and whoever wants to haha

  3. Hogi says:

    Game ako diyan! Hahaha! Sila Faye, Julie and Sam pa lang ang nakakasama ko eh. Mas masaya pag kasama kayo ni Tin!

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