Partying Harder!

Been awhile since I last partied. I sure missed it!
The music, the lights, the not knowing what will hit you when you sway to your right, when you kick to the left. The satisfying feeling of not worrying anything at all – just the never ending strumming of guitar strings, the loud percussions, and the movement of people’s hips here and there.

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It was my first time too to be with people I’m not too often with. And yeah, you can only get to know people when you spend one, two or more hours with them. They were fun-filled individuals just having the time of their lives, enjoying every minute of their work-free time. And who can blame them for that? They deserve that – after working long hours on what originally is a part-time job. Thanks guys – party harder! 🙂

And mi esposa? Our first time together! See, I’m no nerd in the dance floor. I can do flips and turns and hand gestures not too Leonard Hofstadter –y for you. And boy, it sure was a good 3 or 4-hour venture. I sure hope this would not be the last.


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