A Christmas Message for the Warlocks

There wasn’t a time when we thought about winning. All we ever cared about was presenting something “presentable”.

Yung hindi naman sasabihin na gumawa kami ng presentation para lang meron

Last year, we were blessed to have won the top prize. This year, well, as they say, you win some, you lose some. And we lost.

Are these faces of a team that lost?


Definitely not. It is not in our vocabulary to mope and feel sorry for ourselves. My team – the Grey Warlocks – surmounts challenges and welcomes hurdles with a big and happy heart. Where else will the hashtags #iheartgreywarlocks and #bleedgrey come but from a team of spirited individuals who care for each other and work together towards a common goal.

I consider myself lucky to have found these people. Almost three years and coming to work has never been this easy, fun and relaxing. 2011 may have been a rough year for us (we kind of lost our momentum in the team of the month run and lost all possible chances of winning Best of the Best; plus the great cold war of 2011), we survived this year still together and aiming for the stars. It’s safe to say that for me, I may never have this great set of people working for and with me ever again.

Thank you guys. I know I’m never perfect. I don’t reply to text messages too often. I don’t check on you as often as I would like. I sometimes regard you of lesser priority. Inspite of these, I hope that you know, the team is one of my reasons for cherishing and keeping this job and for holding on for dear CEAA. Mahirap talaga kayo iwananan. And even though I know that some of you eventually would have to move on and choose paths your own, I’ll be there to wish you well and bid you goodluck. 🙂

I pray that all of us have a better 2012. And I hope that we, Warlocks, shine even brighter in the many years to come.


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