Planes And How They Scare The Hell Outta Me

Ever since I became a father, I almost always worry about alot of things.
I can no longer recount the days I would call Saab’s sitter En just to check on her and make sure that everything’s alright. I cannot remember how many Saturday graveyards shifts I would call my wife and check if they’ve shut the doors and windows, secured the gasul’s regulator, and locked our gate.
Then this thing happened over the weekend.
I saw that huge mass of black smoke on my way home and though I worried again, I was so sure it’s not within our locality so I didn’t bother to text nor call wife. When I got home, I was greeted by ABS-CBN’s flash report of a plane crashing over about 100 homes in Better Living, Paranaque a few minutes after it took off.
Planes And How They Scare The Hell Outta Me
Goodness gracious, what’s happening to the world?
To be honest, I’ve always worried about planes coming to and fro our airspace. We’re near the airport, so it’s pretty much a day-to-day normal thing. But images of Final Destination 1 always disturb my thoughts that though such occurences can be, what, 10 maybe 15% plausible, freak accidents like that CAN actually happen.They ALWAYS check those planes before they take off right? I need some reassurrance again, at least until we haven’t transferred yet.
I think I’m gonna be this for quite some time. Afterall, when you’ve got your own family, you can only think of what’s best for them, what’s safe for them. So when we are to get our own place (very soon), this will be one of the major considerations – far from airports.

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