The Love For Headsets

I need ’em fine headsets. And I need them white. I need them clean. And I need them in good condition.
That’s basically my battlecry when I get ahold of new mp3 headsets. You see, I don’t have them for very long. It’s either I cut them in half, cut them in quarters and in so many numbers I can’t figure out what I will do with them anymore.
After that, being the kuripot that I am, I would settle for those ones less durable than the originals (or simply put, the japeyks) just so I make myself feel better of having avoided another unnecessary gastos.
Thank you wife for these dear new set of headsets. I hope and pray they last long. Theyr’e too expensive! If not for my love for music (and personal space), I can easily NOT have them. But since I’m genetically magnetized by anything with rhythm and harmony, I don’t have much of a choice – and self-control.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hogi says:

    Are those Dr. Dre earphones? Oh my gosh, how much are those?

  2. BienAdosto says:

    Yep – but they're not original. Binili lng namin ni hon sa malapit sa MRT Ayala, one of the cellphone shops in there, right beside LBC. P250 yata. I don't like them. I don't know how to put them sa tenga ko haha

  3. Hogi says:

    Haha, akala ko original. Grabe, super mahal kasi ng mga yun.

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