Here I Go Again Doing Things I Don’t Normally Do – But Enjoyed!

I am so not your shopping buddy. I am the most kuripot guy in the world. I’d say I love something but I’d refuse to buy that something. I’d say I need this, but I’d think about losing rhino over purchasing that this. Bring me to a mall and you’ll be annoyed with me refusing to get your hands on anything you’d love to buy. That’s just me.

Until I had them.
So we went to the World Bazaar the beginning of this week. So not me, but I kinda enjoyed. Maybe because most of it was spending some quality time with my wife and daughter – wife drooling over shoes, bags and apparels, daughter just walking around, playing, doing all sorts of things (and yes, appeciating music, lights and a whole ‘nother experience).
I think it’s going to be one of those Christmas traditions we’ll keep – for wife’s sake. Ha ha!
And I won a limited edition 2012 planner! – without a single dough to spend on it so it was kinda awesome too!

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