My Christmas Wishlist for 2011

Christmas is just around the corner and though it’s been awhile since I thought about buying me-self some things, I don’t fail to think of my own Christmas wishlist. Yes I am 28,  a husband and a father to an almost-a-year cute little girl, but it aint bad to think about some personal stuff I’d like to have.
1. Closet Overhaul – It’s been awhile since I bought clothes for myself. Yeah, I may have bought a few shirts here and there, but my pants!? God knows how my three remaining pairs ached for retirement.

I need new slacks for work (size 32, black), jeans (straight cut, 32, preferably acid wash or just plain blue, I don’t want those elaborated ones with tear and dangling accessories – strictly traditionally tailored ones, okay?)

I need long-sleeved OR short-sleeved polos for work (medium sized, preferably black, blue, gray, could be dark red or maroon – just not white, yellow, or any bright colored ones. I need them not too square though – I need them slim-fit.

 I DEFINITELY need a new jacket. I want a black one I can use during dress up days and a blue varsity one I can wear for dressdown days. I found one that I like in 101 New York but it’s a little too pricey.

I need new shirts. I want them v-neck, medium sized and in pastel colors.

I need a new pair of sneakers.  I want them in blue or green. Chucks could do the trick.

2.  Clinique Happy OR Paco Rabanne XS

3.  A nice bag. I’m kind of choosy when it comes to bags. But when I get one, they usually last for years. I just want the mailman kind, could be gray, brown or black. I want it with lots of pockets (and secret pockets!) and not too bulky.
4.  A nice headset. If my wife’s obsession are shoes ( and they don’t last very long), mine’s ipod headsets. I need the original ipod/itouch headset but I can deal with those hippy ones from Philips.
5. An Itouch arm band. I plan on enrolling in a gym first week of January and music is a must-have when I stretch and run and lift weights.

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