My 2 Cents – On Drew’s Elimination at the X-Factor USA

I am sick of watching The X-Factor USA. I think more than discovering the best talents, it’s more geared on creating drama to uplift its TV ratings.
I mean what were they thinking? A few weeks ago they saved Astro because in their words, Astro has more talent than Stacy Francis. Who cares if he showed unprofessionalism, rudeness and exhibited the least talent on his Save Me song? Astro sure has more Astronauts than an over-30 hopeful.
Now they’re telling us they’re sending Drew home because though she has more talent than that oh-so-not-Usher Marcus Canty,  she sucked on her Save Me song ? Seriously? Could you get any more discreet? Let me tell the people then why Drew got the boot – I’ll do you fuckin’ retards a favor. They sent her home because there’d be no drama left if it’s just Simon’s girls to perform at the finale. I mean Paula lost all her acts. Nicole is left with one. Will they let LA Reid be left with one too and have all Simon’s girls still intact? Not in the world will they, of course. Who believes Chris Rene can win it all? Even LA sure doesn’t. So what really is the point? Seriously?
I just think it’s the biggest FAILURE of X-FACTOR USA to eliminate someone who can win it all. She sure has her own genre. She sure has her own style. She sure has the most original voice in the roster. She proved that over and over again with different versions of Fix Me, Skyscraper, With or Without You and What a Feelin’ wth every bit of originality. So NO, I don’t see the reason. I don’t see logic. Ergo, I refuse to accept that decision.
So fuck off X-Factor USA. Fuck off LA Reid. Fuck off Nicole Scherzinger. Fuck off Paul Abdul. Fuck off politics in all of it!

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