Office Neat Freak

I am kind of a neat freak. I guess I’d blame that to my tita for displaying so much of that obsessive compulsive persona when I used to live with her. She cleans the house EVERYDAY, wipes the dust off our cupboards EVERYDAY, waters her cruttons (not sure of the spelling) and orchids EVERYDAY  and checks my cabinet, my bag, my shoes, my clothes among so many of my other possesions EVERYDAY.
 I think that’s the reason why I can’t stand clutter. Much as I am tamad, I would stand up, man up and clean the house myself when I feel like it isn’t too clean for my liking. And I think I am too in the office.
Sometimes I wonder if I am that much of a slacker compared to the other managers in the office. They have so much papers – so many scratch papers! Their stations overflow with papers some they hide below their cabinets, beside their cabinets, and atop their CPUs. Mine on the other hand is empty, if not for food I ask from my agents (patay gutom lang) and books I borrow from them.

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