Lots of plans over the next few weeks. To tell you the truth, I’m kind of in the cramming phase already. See why –
1. File Isabelle’s Birth Certificate at the Municipal Registry on Tuesday – I am very hopeful we have enough time to get her BC by second or third week of December for the christening to push through this year. I am so sorry anak,  we’ve procrastinated enough for this. I can’t afford to welcome 2012 with Saab not yet embraced to the Catholic world.
2. Some much – needed Divi shopping – I need some new sandos for my exercise regimen and some gifts to give my inaanaks.  Also, we’re not yet done with our Christmas decorations. I’m still buying us some artificial poinsettias for the tree.
3. Find a gift for my tita. She’s celebrating her birthday on the 5th and I’m undecided on whether I should treat her out for lunch or dinner or give her some presents from Marks and Spencer.
4. If we already have a date for Saab’s christening, finalize plans already!

One – draft final list of attendees.Thanks Ejay for the invites – I sure appreciate the gesture.

Two – I still have to think of a badass giveaway for the attendees. Photobooth maybe? So they can bring home a piece of our family? What do you think? Suggestions?

Three- the reception! Still undecided if we do it in our house or get a  baptism package out of some restaurant. Argh. I feel we are SO running out of time.

5. And speaking of birthdays – I want to have some good getaway with my wife and daughter on the last week of December to celebrate their birthdays. Bring Saab to Baguio? Or do it altogether on our wedding anniversary getaway on January? God, I worry so much!
6. And should we celebrate Saab’s birthday along with her christening? Or we do it intimately with only family members as this is her first? Holy Mother Mary!
7. Wife’s also urging me to visit some bazaars. Will sure grant that request –
8. And some family time – visit Star City or maybe Manila Ocean Park.
9. Open up a bank account – this should be on the top of my list.
How in the world will we all have the time to do these? Imagining already makes me tired. They say sometimes, planning makes it feel like things would never happen. Whereas if you do things spontenously, they are more likely to happen. But Saab’s christening? Anniversary getaways? – They sure need some brainstorming!
Zeus – wherever you are, I need some divine intervention.
Oh yeah, money?! Be here already!

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