Of Twilight and Thanksgiving

Breaking Dawn Part 1 was nice. I liked it. Chick flick-y but feel-good. And the movie was faithful to the book, with very little variation.
I can’t help but relate Bella’s experience to that of my wife’s when she was still carrying our daughter on her womb. The uncertainties, the doubts, the lying and the weaving of all sorts of stories to tell her folks. That went on for a considerable number of months. Though hiding something so signicant from the most significant people in your life is just  too unacceptable, we chose not to hurt them. 
But we did anyway.

We’re done with that. We’ve moved on. Everyone forgave. That, in fact, turned out to be the biggest blessing of our entire lives, and our families’.

If there’s one particular line in the movie that struck me – 

“The first year’s always the most difficult” 

2011 saw us struggle with almost every aspect of our life: as parents, as individuals, as employees, as children to our own mothers, as a couple.
Looking back – now that we are almost at the twilight of our first year. I couldn’t be anymore thankful! We started this year with debts, I’m hopeful we commence next year without ’em. We started this year with so little sleep, we pray we get enough next, with wiggle room for outdoor activities and travel. We went through this year with so little zest for work and career, I am positive it gets better on the next. 
I am nothing but optimistic, that things DO get better for us for the year 2012.
So in the light of us co-celebrating with the US on their Thanksgiving Day – I say I’m thankful for my wife – who completes my every being; for my daughter – who reminds me of my worth every single day; for my mom – who models for me responsibility, trust and faithfulness; for my aunt – who still makes me feel like a boy in a period when I should be a man; and for Ccino – who teaches me – loyalty and love in the simplest of ways.

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