Me – Couchy Potato!

I am so much of a couch potato. I can literally spend hours and hours, days and weeks just lying on our sofa, watching US TV shows. I go gaga when I used to go to Quiapo – thinking of all the possible new shows I’d get, or purchasing the new seasons of shows I religiously follow. Now that that piracy haven is gone, I just had to find a new utopia – and that’s where Ruins came in handy ( I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling, that’s just how people call it). Though a little more expensive than the former, I can tolerate that. Just as long as I don’t miss out on anything Ravens, anything Kal-El, anything Koothrapali or anything of that Hispanic kid Manny from Modern Family. –
I first started with One Tree Hill – the root of my addiction. Yes, it started with an oh-so-much-of-a-cliche-high-school-drama theme, but the show evolved and matured along with its cast and showcased the most inspiring quotable quotes anyone has ever seen on TV. I am now on its 9th and final season and though I feel sad to let go of something that I’ve been to for the last six years, I can’t wait to see what will happen to Brooke, Haley, Nathan, and the rest of the gang.
Because of One Tree Hill, my curiosity spawned to finishing all ten (10!) seasons of Smallville, three seasons of classic Roswell, four seasons of Prison Break (plus an hour of almost-a-movie The Final Break), two seasons of Life Unexpected and SummerLand, one season of Outsourced and four seasons of royal Tudors.
I also am at course to following Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Nip-Tuck, True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, House, Glee, Suits, The Vampire Diaries, Spartacus, The Walking Dead, Being Human, Greek, Teen Wolf, Hawaii Five-O and my recent favorite, Game of Thrones.
I may seem to like almost all TV shows I come across, but there were also some love lost, and those are for: House (though I plan on continuing this too, if ever I don’t get drowned in this plethora of American television), The New Melrose Place (it was promising, but it kinda seemed like the producers lost touch midway through the first season), Heroes (I am down to the last season but the idea of it being cancelled without giving it a chance to bow out properly is discouraging), Baywatch (Yes! I tried going back to the very first two seasons, a time when it wasn’t yet synonymous to bikinis and jugs – trust me, it ain’t worth it. I’d rather have it followed with Pamela Anderson!), The Mentalist (same with House), Flashforward (same with Heroes), Legend of the Seeker (a little too Lord of the Rings-y, a little less grandeur), Las Vegas ( not feeling it, so not feeling it), and Gossip Girl (too Upper Eastside for my taste).
There are those I love too but haven’t had the chance to finish yet.
The O.C. – How can you not love Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer?
Cold Case – I am so looking for copies of the seasons after its first.
Desperate Housewives – I’ve finished two seasons and I’m confident the next ones would still be hilarious.
And just recently, though way late, I’ve decided to follow and complete all seasons of Dexter, Lost and Entourage. 🙂
Who wouldn’t want to spend most of their days in front of the TV, not worryin’ about anything and just pure relaxin’? Cheers to television and its wonders! 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hogi says:

    Bien! Pwede pa-copy ng Game of Thrones? My friend only gave me only until episode 5 so I'm so bitin! Hahahaha!

  2. BienAdosto says:

    Sure, I'll give it to you pagkita natin ulet sa office 🙂

  3. Hogi says:

    Yay, thanks, Bien! =)

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