Jipan! Jipan!

I’m not really into Japanese food. There is something about Japanese that I don’t especially like. It feels like there’s this certain herb in their delicacies I’m not particularly into.The last Japanese resto I liked was Teriyake Boy. But it was far too expensive for it be to be a constant fix.
Then came Jipan.
I first came across this when our Operations Manager treated us for lunch after us, her Data Collection managers, gave her a surprise on her birthday. I came in late, with a couple team leaders as well. I didn’t know though, that they already had someone order for them, let alone know what they want to order. So I sat there, awkwardly flipped the menu pages and prayed hard to Zeus to give me some sort of a divine intervention and help me choose.
And I saw it. Chicken Teriyake Set. Priced at 260. Served with ya-da, and na-da and ta-da.I have no freakin’ idea what that must be. But I like teriyake, for starters. And I have this never ending love for chicken, so what the hell.
It was huge. It was like I was up for some food fiesta or something. And it turned out to be the best chiken teriyake I’ve ever tasted. Every bite favored my palette. Seconds, minutes, an hour passed – I didn’t even notice my plate had already gone empty.
So, as the cliche goes, the rest is history. I’ve brought my wife, my mom and several others to have a taste of what I was craving about. Jipan isn’t too sophisticated, so it doesn’t intimidate. Even the quarter-aged woman, who seemed like the owner, though I’m not sure, can be a little bit annoying, but I didn’t care. Try Jipan and you’ll sure have a little taste of what’s good about Japan. ;p

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