My Two Cents: On Pacquiao.

My Two Cents: On Pacquiao.


So yeah, he won again. Nice. Congratulations 🙂

Let me be clear though. I’m not much of a Pac-fan. Don’t persecute me. I know he signifies unity, he symbolizes oneness and the yearning for Pinoy pride – how every Filipino turns his back on bickering and politicking when he stages a main event.

I just think we’ve had enough of him.

In fact, I don’t really see how boxing, in it’s raw and brutal form can be a source of national pride at all. Don’t mistake me. I like the sport. I don’t really follow it as much as I follow the blood and the gore of UFC or the drama and the comedy brought about by WWE’s sports entertainment, but boxing’s quite fine. I just couldn’t care less if he wins every single bout he plunges himself into. I know most of the time he’ll win – could be controversial, could be indisputable. I know he’s strong and his southpaw approach works everytime. I know he’ll get all the endorsements this world can offer. Millions of dollars. Numerous shoe contracts. Countless screen times. Lots and lots of Pac-fever.

And by caring for these we get what?

“Filipino” ringing a bell among foreign nationals? – Good.

A clear manifestation that prayers and Marian devotions work. – Great!

A day (maybe days) of glory and honor as a home grown talent outshines the rest of the world? – Nice!

A day (again, maybe days) of a clearer EDSA that’s otherwise crowded and smoky and crazy with heavy traffic? – Truly Priceless!

What about?

Admiration from not-so-good -a-reputation actors and actresses led by Paris Hilton? – Uh-huh. I will seriously miss a unit in Azure.

A third-class show practically urging the masa to beg and pauper for something to get their lives by? – and you too Revillame!

A politician so unqualified he can’t even express himself well in the universally-accepted medium? – You know?!?!

A billboard so huge it sells nothing but vanity, egotism and self-admiration. – Oh yes, that’s you Jinkee! Is it Jinky though? Jinkee?

Endless features of a person who’s idea of wealth is accumulation of Gucci’s and Prada’s, of LV’s and the likes? – Uhm. Pokwang. One more round of impersonation please. Seriously?

A never ending saga of No Other Woman and Ako Legal Wife. – and I mean, SERIOUSLY??!

What do you think? Oh yeah, I forgot, you are a part of that majority who roots for him. Goodluck. 🙂


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