On to a Healthier 2012

I so wanted a healthier lifestyle. My weekends usually consist of TV show marathons, movies and a whole lot of internet surfing. I think adding 2 or maybe 3 hours of running and exercise will not disrupt my couch potato tendencies.
I had a bit of an episode last week where I feel so nauseated I had to get out of our house to take a breather. My wife checked on my blood pressure and found out that I was 140/100!
I know I’ve been eating alot lately and that pork is my obsession but 140/100? I thought that was just a little too soon! One look at my wife and my daughter made me decide that it’s time that I do something about my health.
So I promise myself (for the nth time) that running and a few kms of jog will be a part of my weekly routine.
For those few instances that we’ve decided to go on jogging, Roxas Boulevard has always been the destination. We would encircle CCP for a few rounds and then participate in mass aerobics by the bay.
 On to a Healthier 2012
It’ a little impractical though at times, as we had to travel for an hour or two to get to CCP. An alternative –
Just outside of our subdivision is Manila Memorial Park! 🙂
On to a Healthier 2012
The spacious park allows us to run, brisk walk, do some stretching and jumping without having to spend money on transpo. We didn’t have to do all of those alone, because alot of people from the surrounding areas do their exercise routines in here.
It’s fun too, looking at various grand mausoleums (one actually resembles Greece’s The Parthenon) and discovering graves and final resting places of some famous celebrities.
The only problem is they don’t allow pets in here, so we can’t bring Ccino – unlike in CCP.
Nevertheless, wherever we decide on going (we plan on going to UP, SM Mall of Asia, even Quezon Memorial Circle!), exercise will now be a vital part of our day-to-day activities. I can’t afford to get sick. My mag-ina depends on me.

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