My 2 Cents: On Tumblr and Blogging

Everyone’s into tumblogging. I was, before. But I’ve quit.

They say:

My 2 Cents: On Tumblr and Blogging


Tumblr’s good and all. It’s what’s “in” today when it comes to blogging. Why did I leave it?
I don’t think Tumblr encourages people to write and originate ideas. I don’t think it harnesses people’s ability to convey emotions through the written word. I don’t think Tumblr supports creativity and uniqueness.
In my opinion, more than creating bloggers, Tumblr creates sharers. Indeed, more a social networking site and less a blogsite.
While alot of page owners do write and spend time writing, most of the Tumblr population rely on reblogging. But what is blogging when you do it second-hand?
As for me? There’s STILL nothing more fulfilling, more satisfying than seeing your own written work spread across your page. And what is sharing when blogging is for self-expression, output and record-keeping? I say we leave sharing to Facebook.
Just a thought. Just my 2 cents. ;p

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