Never Say Never

The Fray never fails to soothe my nerves when I’m in a not-so-good state. Never say never. Never say never.

Some things we don’t talk about

Rather do without, just hold a smile

That was what I was thinking on my way to work today. This is just one of those days. One of those days you feel downtrodden. You feel empty.

It’s our 10th month. Did you at least remember? Or were you just too mad to ever think about it.

I welcomed our 10th alone on our bed. Cold. Alone.

I immersed on our 10th rushing to get home, starving and hapless; hungry for more rest for –

Me – closing our 10th, doing double shifts. Double the work. Double the tire.

I may have been wrong the other night. I know it. And I’m sorry.

Pointless – just ’cause there’s absolutely no use talking about it.

Senseless – ’cause there’s just no logical explanation to support arguing about it.

It’s such a shame, really – –

I just thought we could have had a better 10th, just like when we had a blast on our 1st, our 2nd and so on…

I haven’t changed, not one bit. Still in love with you. Crazy about. Still head over heels on you.

I’m sorry. Can we make up? Soon?


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  1. I've never been a quitter. Not a chance. More so, not with you. I love you so much. I love you even when you fail to understand certain things- bec. it's when I start to see the world around me the way you see it. Again, I'm sorry for being hard headed.

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