Love Rekindled

2009 was my love year. Christmas felt a little more special back then. Winds a little cooler. I love every mocha frappe I get, so I decided I drink myself enough to get myself an SB planner.
It was cool to have one. In my line of work, I definitely need something to remind me of my daily activities. I am a deeply forgetful person, so I need something to keep me on track.

Plus it was the start of me getting off my shell and deciding to discover the world around me. I was working for a considerable number of years already but I haven’t seen anything outside of Metro Manila, except Tagaytay. I haven’t seen a beach for over 3 years. Imagine that! With that plan in mind comes the need to have something that will chronicle my travels.

Sadly, I only got to enjoy the benefits of having this sophisticated planner for two months as I lost it in Baguio on our first trip as a couple. I must have left it on one of the taxis we rode en route the capital’s tourist attractions.

It was sad to see something with sentimental value get lost. My planner chronicled my wife and I’s baby steps in our relationship. It has these cute, little pictures and lip smooches all over it ( I know it’s so gay but I love my then-girlfriend-now-wife so what the hell). It was even more frustrating to lose a planner that’s too freakin’ expensive! I am the most kuripot person you’ll ever know. I’ve put that aside to get something so superficial yet so necessary, and I lost it? You can just imagine how frustrated I was.

But what can I do? It’s done. I just have to deal with it.

Because of that, I decided to make a pass on the SB planner last year. I was so beset by the fact that the planner, with which I spent about 5,ooo bucks (I think) to purchase, got off my hands that quickly. The whole time I was thinking of all the possible stuff I can buy with that 5K! All the beach getaways I can experience! All the pirated DVDs of TV shows I can plunge myself into!

Oh well, I think that phase I’m now done and over with. This year, I’ve decided I’ll get the new edition. Forget the money, the looking back and the regrets, the what if’s and the what could have been’s. It’s like breathing life anew. Like rekindling a love once lost.

Problem is – will I have enough money to complete all stickers? We’ll see. ;p

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Faye Garcia says:

    Same thoughts here! But waddaheck, I'm already on my 6th year of collecting this planner. Why stop now? Haha! 😀

  2. Hogi says:

    Naku, I was selling a Starbucks planner for a friend last year, at less than half the amount you'd spend for coffee for all those stickers. Sayang, sana pala sayo ko binenta, hahaha.The new planners look pretty cool, though. Sadly, I can't really consume any more caffeine to get one.

  3. BienAdosto says:

    @Hogi: Aww sayang naman. painom mo sakin coffee, sayo stickers ;p@Faye: 6 years? Ikaw na!

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