Thought Questions : Do I Deserve You?

Tin and I –
After all that we’ve been through the last 22 months, I have nothing but gratefulness to how things fell to their proper places.
We haven’t had a good start. The road wasn’t smooth all the way through. And the future’s just a little too vague for anyone to know.
What I know is that I can depend on you, on your love and on your faith that we can get past everything and still come out as in love as we were the first time we saw each other.
I always want to feel the warmth in our embrace like the one we first had in cold Tagaytay December of 2009.

I always want to feel the passion in your kisses like the ones we shared in Baguio February of 2010.

I always want to see the look in your eyes when when you tell me you love me and that you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with me. Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte – June of 2010 was a testament to that.
I always want to hear you say you love everything of me, all my life’s highs and lows – and that acceptance is always the way to go in any relationship. You showed me that when you were with me in Bacolod, October of 2010.
I always want to feel your hands looking for me, searching for my presence, thirsting for my affection as we endure everything good or bad. You did just that as you were being carried back to your hospital room after delivering Isabelle, December of 2010.
I always want to feel proud whenever you overcome your fears, face your inadequacies, empower your weaknesses just like when you crossed that hanging bridge in  Taytay falls, February of 2011.
I always want to see us making the most of things that are empty, unspectacular and uneventful and turn them into best memories we will forever share – Quezon province April of 2011.
I always want to share nights of uncertainties, of dark, gloomy skies and wide, unsure waters – where the only certainty I have is you right beside me – just like when we lay our hearts and closed our eyes in that tent in Anawangin, Zambales May of 2011.
And I always want to brave storms with you, stand in one umbrella with you when the rain and the clouds are just too much to handle. I want to be with you with every realization that more than anything else, you, me and Isabelle will always be the best of this life, and the next – Puerto Galera June of 2010
Hon, twenty two months. Twenty two months of sharing love and everything sweet and not-so-sweet this life offered. I wouldn’t trade these for they show my worth as a person and how lucky  I am to have deserved someone as good a wife, as loving a mother and as genuinely true person as you are.
So the answer to the above question? I wish everybody finds their one true reason for their existence- who’ll make you feel the search is worth afterall, who’ll make you realize you’ve loved enough to deserve the best.
I love you mahal and thank you for everything. 🙂

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