Isabelle’s New Room!

Isabelle's New Room!
I had a 10-hour shift and yet I am so into cleaning this room and making it all Isabelle. And this is how it turned out! I know, I know I’m not much of an interior expert. But hey, this is my daughter we’re talking about. So a few dusting here and there and Voila! I think I made my Saab real proud. 🙂
We’ve decided she use again her first playpen. Her other one is in the sala and the one she’ll use during the daytime. This other one she’ll use when she’s off to dreamland. Also, since she’s a teeny tiny 10-month baby, she’ll be accompanied by her all-too-loving sitter and tita. 🙂
So there, Isabelle. Have a little taste of freedom and privacy. I wouldn’t want you complaining someday that you’re a female and you need all the space you can get. ;p
Love you babe.

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  1. Hogi says:

    Hahaha, Saab and I have the same full-length mirror! =)

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