The Proudest

I am the proudest dad.
I think it’s natural if I think that my daughter is the prettiest, healthiest, most talented and the cutest 10-month old baby out there. Lalayo pa ba ako?  But seriously, I think I’m right. Why so?
1. Prettiest – Isabelle is a product of good-looking parents. Seriously. My wife’s good-looking, no question about that. And so am I  (if I knew fashion and and a little more costly haircut – if I am just a little bit vain.) Talk about confidence.
2. Healthiest – Isabelle has never had a serious sickness so far. Yeah she may have gotten one fever episode, but apart from that, we’ve never worried one bit. At 3 months old, people mistake her for 7. And now that she’s 10, people think she’s already more than a year old. How is that even possible?
3. Most talented – Looking back at Isabelle’s progress, I am truly amazed by how fast and how quick she gets to learn new things. I swear, learning from other parents’ accounts, it is apparent Isabelle’s advanced for her age.
1st – nakakadapa na on her own, started talking, making baby sounds
2nd – nahohold na na ulo nya, first headband :); first watched Tigger and Pooh on Youtube; responds when talked to
3rd – knows how to focus her attention on something na, watches Thomas and friends, got her first set of earrings, everybody tells me she’s too big for her age, everybody thinks she’s already 7 months old!
4th – learned how to roll over, started crawling!
5th – learned to sit, started talking via koykoykoy!
6th – learned how to stand, keeps her grip on her playpen, already rides her cart, started eating Gerber 🙂
7th – Tasted her first fruit shake, her ma shed banana, now stands up by herself and does slow close open :), had her first two front teeth first week of the month; month ended with another two 🙂
8th – learns how to hold and inspect things, her first – a mirror :), learned how to dance when there’s loud music, responds to music 🙂 spoke Da-da! 🙂
9th – started walking without someone holding her. now has 8 teeth! 🙂 spoke Pa-pa! can do fast close open, can give someone a five!
We are now on her 10th and I can’t wait to see more of what she can do. 🙂
There’s still a long way to go but it’s reassuring to know that her progress is fast and impressive. I don’t mind that she still doesn’t have long, flowing hair or that her nose isn’t too matangos for everyone’s liking. She’s my daughter and she’s the best I’ll ever have.

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