My 2 Cents: On PGT Season 3 Finals

My 2 Cents: On PGT Season 3 Finals
I was extremely disappointed over PGT’s results last night. Seriously, was it a reflection of Pinoy’s taste for extraordinary talent and exceptional craft? There were really good and unique performances and all they can come up with as winners is a bunch of over aged amateurs? No offense to Maasinhon Trio, as I think, they, as much as the others, strove hard for the win, but there were groups way deserving of that 2M.
That leaves us questioning the system of the Got Talent franchise.  I mean it’s one of the highly hyped and successful television franchises in the world, but is it really wise that they would leave the final decision to the voting public?
I just hope they’d give it some time before they start Season 4. Or will there be Season 4? I’m more excited for X-Factor Philippines. I’ll have a separate entry on that soon. ;p

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