Weight – Oh Wait!

I was thin before. Yes. You heard it right. No flabs in all the inappropriate places. No bulging tummy to hide. I was the typical lampayatot.  I played no sports. I was just the lanky, nognog guy back then.
Then CAT happened.
I was thankful because at last, I’d be able to build more muscle and be a little more active. And so that happened. All the push ups and all the training did pay. I was S1. I ran alot. I shouted alot. And so I compensated all the energy spent with food and nothing but food.
I became in love with food.
When I was in college and had to practically live by myself, though still in love with food, resources were a little bit scarce. Budgeting was an issue. So yeah, I was supposed to get thinner and leaner. But no. It became my first encounter with bilbil – my very own bilbil. I called it my abs – absolute buy-on (bilbil in Ilonggo). I didn’t care though. I just thought it’s part and parcel of the growth process. I’m in my twenties. I’m in engineering school. People studied during the week, (and so they say!) and drank their weekends away. I thought it was just fair to have my own beerbelly to boot.
And then I came here and my mother fed me every single day with baboy, manok, isda and all kinds of meat you’ll see in the marketplace.
I fell in love with meat. Especially pork meat.
And I fell in love with Tin. And so to her cooking. She’s not really a pro but she’s learning – and becoming one rather quickly. Her sinigang na baboy and isda. Her mixed veggies in gata. Her mixed veggies in chicken and oyster sauce. Her own version of adobo – in potatoes. Her sumptuous menudo. And our neverending passion for fastfood.
I think the last I weighed I was about 155. Since getting married, I bet I gained about 20. Or even more frightening, more. 
It’s good that it only shows how lucky I am with my wife, no question about that. But another question is, do I love them enough to not leave them immaturely? I need to take care of myself, more so this time that we already have Isabelle. Stories of young people dying from stroke scare the hell outta me. I need to address this asap. I know what to do. It only feels like I don’t have alot of motivation in me to start. And so too, time.
God help me. 

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