The Beauty in Contrast. The Meaning in Disparity.

Tin and I have different religions.
I was raised a Catholic, sagrado Katoliko in fact. I have been an active mmber of Legion of Mary for 6 long years, assuming various positions in the organization. I know the prayers by heart. My lola is someone everybody runs to whenever there is a death in their family and many times I’ve accompanied her. She would pray for bereaved families as near as our neighbors to as far as neighboring cities and municipalities. Although as I got older and understood things a little better, trashed a few practices here and there, I have come to love Catholicism as a whole.
Tin is a member of the Church of God and though I don’t understand a whole lot of it, I know of it as a born again Christian sect who relies on faith and the bible for salvation. Thy don’t have those decorative saints and Mary as  mediators but only calls on Jesus directly. They don’t have those baroque churches and only have gym-like structures as places of worship.
I have always been receptive to many beliefs. I’m just not the type who closes his eyes and ears  and simply follows whatever beliefs he has been raised to follow. I guess I’m someone who believes that afterall the claiming of who’s right and who’s wrong, we all believe there’s one Superior Being who watches us all – protects us, teaches us, reprimands us and loves us.
We’ve come to look at this more of a  union than a diference. I guess there’s beauty in contrast. There’s meaning in disparity. I have attended one of their ceremonies and I was instantly hooked. I especially liked their praise and worship – just singing those Christian songs and feeling every word brought tears to my eyes. The Caholic mass – it’s a little too repetitive that over the years, I just saw it more of a routine than an actual experience.
Tin, on the other hand, never hesitated to attend a Roman Catholic mass. She’s always in awe of the history, of the tradition, of the beauty of Catholicism. In fact, she would always remind me to go to mass as if she’s the Catholic daughter.
It’s funny really. Now that we already have a child, it’s obviously one of the things that should be taken in consideration. We have been planning for Isabelle’s Christening to take place in December – her 1st birthday month.  But we were also taken by surprise when mommy (Tin’s mom) organized her dedication two weeks ago. We were just there to visit them, as we don’t have alot of time to see them as they lived an hours travel away from us. She took care of the witnesses, the  presiding pastor and the food after the ceremony. It was a rather simple gesture and I appreciated the prayers, (heartfelt ones) and the wishes they offered Isabelle.
The Beauty in Contrast. The Meaning in Disparity.
While I was telling this story to my closest office friend, he asked me ” So what will be Isabelle’s religion?” I was actually surprised to have found myself dumbfounded. For a minute there, I was left with no answer.
Then it hit me.Does it matter? Does Jesus really care of which group, of which caste, of which organization Isabelle belongs to? I think what truly matters is that Isabelle is reared in faith to Him. That she is taught of kindness, of honor, of respect and of love.

So, we’ll still see you this December for Isabelle’s christening ;p


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  1. Hogi says:

    Could it be possible to raise Saab to be familiar with both your religion and Tin's, then when she gets older, she could choose which she would prefer? I'm also raised a Catholic, with very devout Catholic parents (my dad would've been a priest if he didn't get married), but there are times even at a young age that I pondered about choosing one's own religion once they're aware of it.Wala lang, napaisip din lang.

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