It’s Indeed Bigger and Better

Speaking of burgers, I have a new favorite.
Big Better Burger.
I first had this when my wife and I had a little disagreement when she left for the grocers. As some sort of a peace offering, I got a 1/3 BBB pounder when she got back from a burger joint I hardly knew about. But me, being a sucker and all for burgers, made peace and devour what she brought for me.
And oh boy was I taken by surprise.
It’s a fact: I love burgers. I can do whoppers for one whole week, let alone 2-3 whoppers in a day. And I’m not talking about junior whoppers. But this one, it sure has it’s own charisma.  I immediately planned on going there myself and on seeing what they offer.
All of their premium burgers are served with 1/3 lb patties, obviously better than those quarter pounders (I still love Mcdonald’s though). And they have this wide array of specialties, that I think, well as far as I know, they’re the only ones who can offer, like the Double Dare Cheese, Bacon Barbecue, Mushroom Loco and Teriyaki Burger, only to mention a few. They also serve fries, wedges, rice meals, pastas – to satisfy your cravings.
And oh – did I mention it’s also reasonably priced?
So there, why don’t you find one close to your area and taste for yourself the “charisma’ that I’m talking about.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hogi says:

    Oh my gosh, BBB is my favorite! I used to buy one every week nung may show pa kami sa CCP. As in sinasadya kong daanan yung Taft-Vito Cruz branch nila before work! =)

  2. BienAdosto says:

    oh di ba? favorite ko na din sila haha! dapat bayaran nila ako, or kahit isang double dare cheese lang for this post lol

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