Not So Nice This Time, Eh!

What drives you? And what is it with other people lives that you feel so compelled comparing with? Do you really see people more of a threat than a friend?
Wake up!
Oh yeah, somebody might care if you’ve done this, if you have that, or if you’re Little Miss /Mister Perfect. But at the end of the day, do people really care with what you do with that so little, so minute part of your  lowly, desperate life? We are so busy, so preoccupied, so happy, in fact, with our own that your bragging’s so little I can step on it without even feeling one bit of a remorse.
Again, wake up!
I’m thinking you don’t have much of a life, you two-faced ingrate. Some people actually thought you can be trusted. But nah, I trashed that since knowing your true colors. I pity those who still do. If people can only see you for what you truly are, treacherous little liar, nobody will even talk to you.
Okay I’ve blurted that out. Bow.

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