Thought Questions: On 9/11

I came across this website that I think would be a good roll for my blog. Since I’m new here and alot of writing opportunities await, I’ve decided on making it a habit to make at least 5 blog posts a month. Five! Considerably doable. I can do 10 in one sitting. If I get lucky.
So this is Sometimes when i’m to stressed to think about a topic, or that I haven’t thought about one on my way to work and back home, I can just check what the question is for the day and start from there.
So for today:
I was in my boarding house. I was about to ask Manang Thelma to cook me some lunch as I was too tired from school to prepare myself one. I was just waiting when her nephew decided to switch TV channels – from the local noontime favorite (God, I hate those!) to CNN and there it was, in all its destructive glory.
All I ever thought was the same thought I ponder on when I hear of new bomb threats, of terrorist attacks engulfing Manila. Why do people do that? Why do they even put the lives of tens and thousands of innocent people who don’t even know an inch of what thy’re fighting for, but instead live their own lives?
Of course after awhile I got over that rebellious feeling as I had to face Physical Chemistry and Integral Calculus. But still.
Will we ever wake up one day and not have to live by this fear?

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