Some Random Thought : On Feculence

I always need a book when I do my number 2’s.

Just like five minutes ago.

I was to upload a new photo of me and Isabelle on Facebook but I needed to use the washroom so I stood up and locked my computer. I was really on the verge of having it all out but I didn’t go straight to the washroom.

Instead, I ransacked my bookshelf first of something I can read while I do the deed and I have nothing better than Breaking Dawn to pull.

I know and don’t say it. I’m weird.

I think it’s weirder though for some people to smoke while doing it. I mean, don’t they think cigarette smoke furthers the stink and the stench of the whole thing?

Yeah, I’ve got nothing better to post. I just thought of this while I was inside the dump room, imagining of how freakin’ Bella would look like in a wedding dress, acting all uncomfortable and awkward.

I just thought a post about bowel movements would augment my already elaborate blog. Of course, you know I’m joking.

Lastly, I’ll say it for you. I’m weird.


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