My 2 Cents : On Azkals, DragonBoat and Lao

This is long overdue – just want to say a few things.
On Christopher Lao’s supposed stupidity mishap:
To bully someone just ‘cause he/she acted differently from everyone’s expectations in a certain situation is stupid-er. Really, do you guys even know the whole story? You’re just a bunch of ignorants making statements just ‘cause you’ll be regarded as someone who knows; or someone’s who’s in with what’s going around you.
And what is it with people easily calling someone stupid, “bobo” etc? I don’t think there are people that are such. On the other end of the pole, however, I think there are those too narrow-minded to understand.
On the Philippine Dragon Boat Team and the Azkals:
To compare football and dragonboat as sports in the international spectrum is only done by someone who doesn’t know facts about these two sports.
One is established, regarded as a universal sport; has been around since the 1930’s, takes three years of elimination games on the road to the it’s final showcase – The World Cup; played by people from the four corners of the globe. It’s governing body, FIFA has has 208 member associations (three more than the International Olympic Committee) – I think it’s safe to say that it’s events are even bigger, if not equal, in magnitude than the Olympics!
The Philippines may have just started to appreciate the game, but for Azkals to win in their first ever FIFA World Cup Qualifiers stint in the second leg of its first premilinary round, beating Sri Lanka with a decisive 4-0 ending is already an achievement by itself.
Dragonboat racing on the other hand, though with its origins starting in Greece as with the Olympics, is only regarded as a growing sport particulary in the Asian territories. It may have permeated the US and Canada but not every race, every nationality in the world is into the sport. It’s governing body, the International Dragon Boat Federation only has 62 members.
That’s not to say the prestige and the victory the Philippine Dragon Boat Team achieved in the recently concluded 10th World Dragon Boat Championships in Tampa, Florida is to be less recognized. Getting five (5) golds! is one hell of an achievement of course! Not every generation of Pinoys would get to experience the pride and the glory this brings.
It’s just that some tweets of highly critical Pinoys annoy me. Seriously, football and Azkals? And dragonboat racing? They are not of the same playing field!
Why can’t some of us be happy for the wins both have earned and raise one flag altogether? Why would there be comparing and exhange of trash talk?
Seriously, Pinoys.

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