I Rave, Yet Again.

It’s been almost a month since my last entry. Things have been pretty crazy and I haven’t had time to write about them.
I’ve had several moments of scribbling a few letters here and there but they always end up with me x-ing my tumblr window and me x-ing my “unsaved” notice on my timeline.
Writer’s block?
I suppose.
Maybe also because of the baby, the wife and the never-ending stress my job demands of me – I don’t get to put in writing all the interesting things I stuff my head with.
I only had to change my blog layout on several occasions. (I hate it when there’s nothing new I can check out on my turf!)
I haven’t even had the time to congratulate myself for another year!?
Yes, it has been three years! Three years of writing, of musing, of mumbling, of sharing, of blogging. I had it first with Multiply, and now here. I swear there were a couple of times I tried WordPress, I tried Blogger but I don’t know, I always end up deleting all my posts, cancelling my accounts and go back here!! (I dreamt of having a travel blog – err we’ve ben cancelling alot of trips lately in lieu of moolah shortage. And I can’t seem to get satisfied with the pixelated pics WordPress offers or the so-small-I-can’t-appreciate pic sizes of Blogger so I trashed it and canned the idea. )
So yeah congratulations to myself – I hope I still get to entice people with what I write. And cheers to electronic literary freedom of expression – I still get to write whatever I want anytime, anywhere in the web.

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