A Greeting

Father’s Day – I’ve never, not once, in my life gave special meaning to this day. It used to remind me that I wasn’t brought into this world by my mom alone. Although all my life I felt like it was the case, naah, I think nobody carried the phrase immaculate conception better than Mary’s.
My father left us when I was barely over a month old. My mom had to raise me, rear me, teach me and practically provide and do everything for me ‘til I was old enough to carry me. I had to live about 360 days of each of my 23 years without mom as she had to work away from home to supply me with all the things I need.
Not once did I long for love. Not once did I feel alone and left out. I was a happy kid without a father to applaud me for being a consistent honor student. I was a content adolescent without a father teaching me how to play basketball. I was a confident young man without a father supporting me in my relationship dilemmas. I am now a fulfilled husband and father without someone introducing me to how things are done.
I can hate him for turning his back on me, but I can thank him for making me understand that turning one’s back on a responsibilty can be the most cowardly deed a man could ever do.
I can hate him for hurting my mom, but I can just be grateful I’d have a choice to exist without such guilt haunting my remaining days.
So with all that’s said and done, Pa – I wish you the best and pray that you be happy and contented, as what we are right now. And wherever you are, Happy Father’s Day! – and this is something you’ll only get from me – your first-born; your legitimate son.

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