That Gift.

I’m the all-around music guy. I listen to practically all kinds of music. I sing. That’s why my heart skipped a beat when I first had my Ipod mini.
That faithful gadget served me for 5 long years, almost the same time as I’ve been with Convergys. It was the first gift I rewarded myself since having a job. It housed all 700+ of my favorite songs. It’s unfortunate that almost two years ago, its battery gave up on me I can’t bring it anywhere with me.
So my heart skipped more beats when my wife suprisingly gave me an Itouch just this Thursday – said it’s an advanced gift for my first Father’s Day. How can my first Father’s Day be even better? I longed for this since Apple released its first version. Now more than a thousand of my favorites will be with me wherever I go.
To my wife – thank you. This definitely is the best gift I’ve ever had in years. In my life, it’s always been me who gives and never was there a time that I received. A material thing – be that as it may – but I’ll never forget the first time I celebrated that most rewarding part of me – a father – because of this.

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