Debt – And Everything in Between

Was talking to Mumsy Nanette about a day ago. I received a call from EastWest bank verifying her employment with Convergys and so I was asked a few questions about her. Apparently she was up for a pre-approved card and I praised her good spending habits the whole time.
Bien: Ang galing mo naman Mumsy, how many cards do you have anyway?
Mumsy: I have three.
Bien: Good for you Mumsy! I’m guessing you must be a good paying cardholder.
Mumsy: Yeah, I’ve had them for 5 years and never skipped a payment.
And she went on and on on how she takes care of her finances, and of how she sees to it that she pays on time and maintains a good credit rating.
I am the worst person to own a credit card. Up to now, though the only one I have for about a year (with a not-so-good limit, if I may add) served me well, I regretted applying for it.
I have this annoying habit that even though I have the money to pay a certain cutoff, I wouldn’t pay. Or if I would, I would only pay the minimum. I would then just sulk in the corner of my room thinking how things would have been better if I paid on time, and prioritized things accordingly. Sucks to be me, I know, but this good-for-nothing habit brought me nowhere but to a pile of debt, a mountain of bills and brain-breaking headache.
Seriously, I am in so much debt. I regretted having a credit card. I regretted applying for a postpaid phone plan (seriously, I can do fairly well on prepaid) and I regretted paying a few thousand bucks to settle my overdue fees on my postpaid DSL (again, I do fairly well on prepaid – I do now).
I remember someone posting an update on her Facebook wall – “Life is really just about paying bills” and I can totally relate to that now. Now, I just how to find my way out of this mess and start anew – with no credit card and with only prepaid cards on hand.

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