Of Butterflies and Mommies

This morning I’m so curious as to what thoughts and feelings the butterfly has, if any, while alot of changes abound.
Does the butterfly actually know what is coming? I ask myself. She grows hungry and fat and then wraps herself into a crysalus of protection. Does she know why? Is she scared?
After a few days the butterfly breaks through the crysalus and emerges with new wet wings. As they dry what does she think? She feels something different, but has to set out and try these wings although weary and tired.
Then contact. It all happens in one swift moment, perhaps it’s the breeze that bounces the branch that makes her jump and naturally she lets go with new vision and perspective.
The little butterfly Tin and I have we wrap with loving arms, food, experiences, creativity, freedom, and hope that when she’s ready to fly she, in fact, trust the only true thing she can, herself.
There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings. – Anonymous
Motherhood – it’s a rather special, at the same time, challenging role. That doesn’t mean we rest on the idea that your worlds rest in your children. Don’t be afraid to:

Sunrise. Live for today. Think 24 hours before making a decision on anything. Write down on paper what it is that you visualize yourself doing and watch in unfold before your very eyes. Embody your image of a family. Be your true self. Find authentic happiness. Meditate. Get dirty. Walk. Run. Play in the sun, shade, and rain. Climb trees. Seek a spiritual solution. Find willingness. Dig in the dirt. Hike every Friday. Get into the woods and paint a watercolor. Collect rocks and leaves. Hug. Cry. ugh.Give yourself a time out. Get sleep. Ask for help. Be truthful but simple. Don’t hold it in, you might blow up. Go to bed early. Eat often and well. Say I love you. Giggle. Let it go. Don’t blink. Feel it with all your senses. Be truthful but not hurtful. Respond, don’t react. Ask yourself, how important is it? Build boundaries not walls. Make sure you give yourself oxygen before passing the mask to the children. When in doubt look at your feet. Spend time alone. Find out what it you love and like to do without Saab. Nurture the creative spirit.Share what you love with Saab. Be an example. Get hurt. Be hurt. Say your sorry. Find forgiveness. Cast away blame. Stand up tall. Dress up. Dress down. Relax. Groove. Dance. Tell stories. Role play. Recycle. Reuse. Reinvent. Redefine. Make a wish. Put away the computer, the phone, the tv. Look into each others’ eyes. Read books. Hold hands. Be grateful. Amen. Sunset.

Mahal, it’s your first – Enjoy it. Saab and I will be just here – backing you up on your every endeavor. We love you and we will eternally be yours.
Happy 1st Mother’s Day Mommy!:)

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