The Boy That Has Always Been There

Ccino has always been there for us.
He was first there when we were too sun-kissed by Pagudpud’s mighty sun – all bushy-tailed to meet his new parents.
He was there when we found out we were expecting. He accompanied us while we drift our minds and cried our hearts to possibilities and impossibilities in that lowly balcony.
He was there when we decided to take responsibility and fully embrace our situation. He was by our side when we told the whole world we’re going to be new parents.
He was there when we transferred to our new home – no more long walks in the mornings as we did in Casa – but now a wider and a much cleaner space for him to sleep and play.
He was there to bridge a gap. A gap fueled by pride and motivated by hesitation and misunderstanding.
He was there when we welcomed Isabelle in our lives. Though we thought he wasn’t all too okay with us loving someone else other than him, he was there – sharing the happiness.
He was there when we celebrated our first anniversary, our second Valentine’s and the day we officially became Mr. and Mrs. Adosto – marking his place in the love story that we built and we continuously build.
Ccino – you’re the baby boy I am hoping for but can’t have in the meantime. In you I found the meaning of selfless love – giving in so much and not expecting anything in return. I can’t honestly imagine living without you by our side as you’ve completed this small but endearing family. You’ve trained us beforehand so we could be the best mom and dad for Isabelle. You taught us precious lessons in living life and loving it.
Happy Birthday boy and we look forward to spending more Happy Birthday’s! with you in the future.

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