One More Chance

I know we’ve never been as close as Tita and I are but I want you to know that from the very start, you have always been, and will always be the first woman in my life.
You’ve given me life, and more than anything else, I know that’s the one thing I will always be thankful for. Now that I’m a parent too, I have seen, by my very own eyes, your sacrifices, the love and the dedication you have shown (maybe some would say our set-up was different from the norm, still).
I haven’t been easy, the past year. I haven’t been the model kid everybody back in the province praised and appreciated. I know I took you for granted. I know I’ve wasted your trust. I know I screwed up.
It’s hard to gain back something that, little by little, had been lost. More if two parties don’t communicate as much.
I just don’t want to further add the disappointments I’ve caused you. I don’t want to make you feel like your efforts have gone to waste. I know you’ve supported my every decision and it hurts me sometimes, to not give back that confidence you’ve so earnestly granted.
I’ll rise up. I’ll correct my mishaps. I’ll make sure every mistake I’ve committed will be made right. I’ll make you proud once again.
Thank you ma, for this one more chance. Now that I have Tin and Isabelle – I’ll make sure Saab grows up to have the same upbringing, the same morales and the same principles you and Tita have inculcated in me. I love you and don’t think for a second, I don’t, as you always say – this is what it’s really like to be a family, looking out for each other, supporting decisions, accepting flaws and loving unconditionally.

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