Simple Joys

How do I feel today?
I feel Brilliant. Superb. Happy. 🙂
Nothing new happened today. In fact, it couldn’t get anymore boring. I woke up at 3am, took an early morning bus ride to work (that btw, froze me to death), monitored calls like hell (Barbie’s really competitive, she had 25, I only had 18), did my aftershift tasks, endured a 2-hour traffic jam at the Aguinaldo Highway – – – – – the same things I do the past two weeks.
What’s special?
The pritong tilapia Tin put in my bag with matching (“late na ko nagising sa pag-aalaga kay Saab eh kaya d na ako nakasaing. Bili ka na lang rice ha”). Not to mention my favorite toyo in a separate container with one piece calamansi. And uhm, yeah, she also put an umbrella in my bag and forced me to use it if ever it would rain cats and dogs again just like yesterday.
Ccino – greeting me with his signature move. Standing up (with a posture I couldn’t muster myself) sabay scratch his nose. I ended up giving him a bath – a simple reward for the heartwarming loyalty.
And yeah, it’s my off tomorrow, so…we’ll jog…and we’ll have a good time.
And Saab, yeah, Saab – sleeping in all her glory (thanks to dear old lola, whose charm to Saab is impeccable). Just one look at her, I feel like like everything’s gonna be alright, just alright. Uhm okay, now she’s crying, have to finish this and feed my milk-glutton princess.
So yeah, who wouldn’t have a great day? How did I get so lucky?:p
Simple joys. I couldn’t ask for more.

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