I am now MARRIED.

The word is quite threatening to some other guys –

…means the end of being a bachelor.

…means the end of that I-don’t-care-what-time-it-is-I’m-partying attitude.

…means the end of a series of flirting and that proverbial, “Hey! What’s your sign?”

—-the start of becoming a little more serious towards life and living.

To me, it means the end of an S and the start of an M in my bimonthly payslips, (yeah lower tax cuts).

…means the start of an eternal gold (err, silver, with just a little gold) band on my right ring-finger.

…means the start of having someone carry the same last name as I have; only we have no blood relationship at all. ;p

…means the start of me having one more NSO – certified government document; apart from my birth certificate.

But more than those:

It means I will have someone to cherish life with in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer.

…means someone kissing me as the my days start and end; a more-than-a-little inspiration as I battle life’s challenges everyday.

…means having someone sit beside my every breakfast, lunch and dinner; more than a companion to share blessings with.

…means having a friend for life, and even after life – whose views and opinions may differ from mine, but in one way or another would complete me.

…means another person to have misunderstandings and arguments with; only this time, more lessons will be learned; a stronger bond will be created.

…means a soul to plan out and build futures with – a worthy partner to live with in that dream house surrounded with white-picket fences.

and to top ‘em all – – –

A person who’ll remind me every single day how fulfilling, how satisfying, how blissful, how wonderful life is – with love.


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