When Peter Parker Got Late

An agent of mine gave a note to me after she came in late for her shift; said she wrote it after sending me a message that she’ll be late for the nth time and how sorry she was she couldn’t do anything about it.

Hi Bien!

Good morning! 🙂 Well I don’t really know if it’s good to put a smile. I know I’m late again and you’d be pissed off.

When I was a kid, I tried to sing. I thought singing is a good talent – well, until now I still think it is.I tried singing. I was enrolled in a voice class for 2 summers, and even twice in a piano class. As I grew up, I’d sing. Later did I realize, it’s just not my talent. Soon after, I told myself: I CANT SING.

Let me introduce myself once more: Hi Bien! My name is Maria Criselda A. Sarmiento. “Dang” has been my personal term of “endearment”. I wish it had been “bitch”; but “Dang” is good enough. I am not a defensive person. I tell you, I’m the most rational person you could have ever known. I do act like a kid – more of a Peter Parker. I’m Spiderman, Bien; and a few people realize that. Those few are the closest to me. These few words may construe my rationality: when I say I can’t, I really can’t. When I blurt out with seeming excuses, it means it occurred to me not just once. When I say there’s no way, I have tried a reasonable number of attempts and cannot just find a way. Bien, I can’t sing – and I can’t always be punctual on my 6 am’s.

Alright I’ll give you that. This one’s good. I was impressed. But still, you have got to do something about your attendance. 😉

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