As I was rummaging thru my things the other day (it was a Thanksgiving weekend, we didn’t push thru with our “Tuh-guhy-tie” escapade as Tin’s mom had an unexpected call from the office, so it was high time to do some good old fashioned general cleaning), Hon noticed I have so much brown stuff; brown shirts, brown polos, brown shorts. It was excruciating to see them; it seemed like I loved earth colors so much I forgot there are happier, more cheerful colors out there. I realized I haven’t worn most of them for the past 11 months. Okay, so yeah, I collected them, put ‘em in a box and planned on giving them away. 2010 had been a great year for me. I can’t believe how one minute I was “brooding and gloomy” to all of a sudden “complete and inspired”. I discovered alot of things I thought all along I’d never find interesting but would turn out to be the focus of my joy and fulfillment. There may have been bruises from pit stops here and there, but all in all, I have everything – the experiences, the lessons to be thankful for.
Tin and I had a number of travels this year. We started with Baguio last February. When we were not yet together and frequently had chat sessions over FB ( trivia: thanks to dear ‘ol Facebook – where we flourished as flirtmates to eventual soulmates, kiddin’ mahal haha); she asked me if I’d prefer Baguio over Boracay and I answered “Baguio” enthusiastically as I considered myself more favorable of the cold than of the heat. That turned out to be not true as I would pick Pagudpud – our next travel destination – over the former anytime.
Pagudpud is a paradise. Blue Lagoon is my new favorite place on earth. We visited the place last June and I promised myself, it’ll be my personal mission to visit the place every year.
Our last trip was to Bacolod just this October. I had the intention of having Tin savor the laid-back, more relaxed provincial environment but it would be our most stressful trip to date; brought about by Bacolod’s stupid traffic scheme due to the Masskara festival –
Of course, Tagaytay. Our dear own Tagaytay – where we had our first date and where I admitted to myself I am, in love.
I cannot even remember the last time I had a pet. Cracket (a Japanese spitz I own decades ago) was the only “pamato” I had when my friends and I talk about dogs and pets. He died just a few years after I transferred from Laguna to Negros and since tita is a neat-freak, I never had the chance to own a new pet (not counting that instance where I adopted a stray cat and later found him dead feasted by a million (yes I’m exaggerating!) ants. 🙂
When we were in Baguio, we came across this puppy in Session Road Tin was so adamant in buying. He was undoubtedly cute and I was also captured by his being adorable. Sad thing was it was our last day in Baguio already and we were running out of financial resources. Little did we know we’ll have our little bundle of joy eventually. We met then-Butchoy; we renamed him CCino after he pee’d on a Starbucks table at Mall of Asia. The name – a truncated version of our SB favorite mocha cappuccino. 😉
Since then, our house had been filled with screams of “Ccino Boy!”, “Edmundo! (it’s his second name). We never miss talking about the new antics he learns, the headaches he gives us when he refuses to eat,the difficulty in bathing him, the excitement we feel when we get to buy him new clothes, new accessories and new hygiene products and how funny and adorable his pictures get as days pass. Sometimes we can’t help but think about how short his expected life is, but for the meantime, we’ll enjoy every laugh, every play and every feeling of loyalty and respect he gives us. We love him as every mother and father would love a son.
Everybody would say Tin and I have a very young relationship. Alot of couples reach one year – I mean, it’s not really a very difficult feat. Yes, our relationship is young. I know there’s much to learn. I know there’s much to be anxious about. More if you find out, you’re going to have a kid.
Yes, it was unplanned. Yes, we aren’t completely ready yet. But Isabelle will make us.
I have never been this sure my whole life. I have never been this sure that if I love, my love will be requited with the same love I give, and more.
In just a few days, our young love will be blessed with an angel, an angel worth more than years and years of being together; an angel that will solidify our love for each other; an angel that’ll be a sign of our dedication and loyalty to each other, as soon-to-be husband and wife; an angel that’ll remind us everyday, in Tin’s words: “Definitely, it was after all worth fighting for.”
Sometimes when I think about it, I complain because I don’t get some of the things I want – those are for small details that bear little significance in my life. Then I realize, I have more than what I ask for. I have been given gifts more than I deserved. I have been granted rewards far more than those I’ve prayed for. I am truly blessed.

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